The Top 6 Photogenic Spots in the Siam Are:
Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery

Located in the heart of Bangkok, three malls under the umbrella of Siam Piwat Group

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Located in the heart of Bangkok, three malls under the umbrella of Siam Piwat Group--Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery-- are set to bring their customers breakthrough shopping and lifestyle experiences. In addition to shopping, dining and entertainment facilities that are offered all in one place, each complex also features its own unique style that set it apart from one another. Making this meticulously-designed space one of the best spots for taking photos to keep as a memoir of your trip to Bangkok. 


So, what are the top 6 spots we recommend? You don’t need a DSLR or an expensive lens set to take breathtaking photos. All you need is your phone’s camera to take professional-like photos! Come along with us, we will tell you how to make your Bangkok trip the most memorable (and most likely to make most friends jealous with your great check-in photos).

Photo-Op #1: The Golden Signage of Siam Paragon

Where: Parc Paragon, an outdoor patio in front of Siam Paragon

This patio is the major event venue of the three malls, and it is also an outdoor walkway that links Siam Paragon and Siam Center together. Get off at BTS Siam station and take exit 3, and you will see the Parc Paragon right in front of you. The main entrance of Siam Paragon is a dome-shaped glass structure the allows you to see the reflection of the blue sky, making the golden signage of Siam Paragon even more distinguished, as it contrasts with the ocean blue color of the sky.

Tips for Photo-shooting: The best time for taking the photo at this spot is in the morning, when the light isn’t too strong. The bright blue color of the sky will make the golden signage even more prominent.

Photo-Op #2: The Gourmet Garden

Where: Siam Paragon G Floor

Gourmet Garden is a jungle-themed indoor dining area. The lush green decorative plants and carved wooden pieces on the ceiling make the diners feel as if they are picnicking in an enchanted forest. The calming sound of flowing water resonates throughout the area, giving out the atmosphere of a jungle, while being in the heart of the city.

Tips for Photo-shooting: If you want to get the shot where you can see the lush green ceiling and flowing water on the floor at the same time, the location in front of Shio cafe is the best.

Photo-Op #3: Mr P.

Where: Parc Paragon, near Siam Center

At the other corner of Parc Paragon, is the entrance of Siam Center where you can see three huge white human sculptures. These three are “Mr. P”, the brand mascot designed by renowned Thai design company, “Propaganda.” The funny-looking Mr. P(s) in front of Siam Center are definitely going to leave a lasting impression in the minds of passersbys, and since you are here, why not make a funny pose and take some photos with them!

Tips for Photo-shooting: The best time for this spot would be in the morning or in the afternoon. Mr. P will look even more polished when the sunlight of a clear day shines onto his body! If taken on a cloudy day, he will look deadly pale. As for the angle, the most ideal one would be to capture the dancing fountain located next to the statues in the same frame, it would result in the most awesome Mr. P photo ever.

*Be careful of the slippery floor near the fountain.

Photo-Op #4: Siam Center, Siam Discovery Walkway

Where: Walkway that links the 4th floor of Siam Center and Siam Discovery

Siam Center and Siam Discovery, each has its own personality. Siam Center is the anchor of Thai fashion designer’s brands, whereas Siam Discovery boasts the perfect integration between technology and creativity. Walking through the brightly lit walkway from the former to the latter, you can feel the stark contrast between the two. Designed by Japanese architecture genius Oki Sato, Siam Discovery’s white squares and transparent glass decorations gives out the sense of time-travelling to a futuristic city. The walkway is illuminated with bright rings, making it seem if you are going to another time.

Tips for Photo-shooting: At this spot, you will get different effects at different times. During the day, the bright sunlight will make a beautiful reflection within the glass corridor. At night, the floating walkway under the beautiful lighting of the exterior decorations of Siam Discovery will make you feel like you are floating through space and time.

Photo-Op #5: The Art Wall

Where: The staircase between the 3rd and the 4th floor of Siam Discovery

The Interior design of Siam Discovery is no less of a masterpiece than its exterior. Walking up from the 3rd to the 4th floor, you will see many people sitting, talking, or eating on the staircases. There’s no need to be surprised, this is the “Art Wall”, and it is one of the most unique features of Siam Discovery. It offers a huge space that connects the two floors, and also works as a viewing platform and resting area for the customers. You can see the entire 3rd floor from this spot, and you can also see the window displays of various shops on the 4th floor, making it the best place to do window shopping without even have to walk around. The wooden staircase gives out a comfy ambience, while the decorative glass brings out the sense of modernity, making it a very interesting spot to be in. The huge mascot of Siam Discovery on the stairs, reflects innovation and the creativity of this place.

Tips for Photo-shooting: Daytime and nighttime have different charms, and the photo with Siam Discovery mascot sitting on the stairs looks playful and fun. The Art Wall is usually bustling with people, so perhaps in the morning, when this place is not too crowded, is the most ideal time.

Photo-Op #6: The New Pathumwan Intersection Skywalk

Pathumwan Intersection Skywalk has just been completed, and opened to the public in August 2017. This new skywalk is located in the center of the lively Siam district, and was constructed by the Siam Synergy group. With the concept of universal design in mind, the intersection offers maximum convenience to the ever-increasing visitors to Siam District, and to accommodates every group of visitors, including the elderly and the disabled. Inspired by the name of the Pathumwan Intersection, which means water lilies, the skywalk features abstract artworks of lily pads in a pond. Internationally-recognized Thai street artists were invited to use their own styles of creation to bring their unique flair to the lily pad installation art on the skywalk, making this one of the biggest gatherings of Thailand’s leading street artists and artistic phenomena in Bangkok. There is no doubt that the Pathumwan Intersection Skywalk will become the new landmark of Bangkok, and that’s the main reason to take a photo here.

Tips for Photo-shooting: Daytime and nighttime each have their own different charms, but we suggest you avoid rush hour to get the most complete photo of this spot. At night, the light will be lit under the lily pads, and you will be amazed by the beauty of bright lily pads forest during the night.


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The Top 6 Photogenic Spots in the Siam Are:
Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery

Located in the heart of Bangkok, three malls under the umbrella of Siam Piwat Group