Jamie Oliver brings Italian food

with a Thai Twist to Bangkok, with his new Restaurant, “Jamie’s Italian.”

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Jamie Oliver brings Italian food with a Thai Twist to Bangkok, with his new Restaurant, “Jamie’s Italian.”

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Celebrity British Chef Jamie Oliver’s renowned restaurant, “Jamie’s Italian”, has now opened at the G floor of Siam Discovery, Bangkok. The restaurant has received rave reviews from food critics and local customers alike since its grand opening. Patrons love the restaraunt for its creative dishes and its use of fresh local produce, making it a great success in Bangkok. Treat your taste buds to the amazing tastes of these exciting new dishes at Jamie’s Italian today!


Decorated with REAL cloves of dried garlic and chilis, you can smell the fragrance of herbs and spices from the very first step you take into the restaurant. Pasta and pizza dough are freshly made every day in the kitchen of Jamie’s Italian to make sure that the customer’s stomach is filled with the most satisfying tastes and the finest ingredients!



Sarah Smith, General Manager of Jamie’s Italian Bangkok, said: “We change our menu seasonally to reflect the great local produce and to introduce some exciting new dishes.”


So, what’s not-to-miss at Jamie’s Italian? See our recommended dishes below:


Ultimate Plank / 1,580 baht

Perfect for sampling a selection of dishes on the menu, the plank is loaded with classic cured meats, seasonal vegetables, chicken-liver pâté, pecorino cheese on music bread, Italian nachos, mini mozzarella, olives, pickles and rainbow slaw.




Meatball Pappardelle / 380 baht

Showcases free-range pork meatballs in a rich tomato sauce. The most classic dish of Italian pasta!




Octopus and Mussel Spaghetti Nero / 480 baht

A must-try for seafood lovers! This dish features slowly-braised octopus, squid, mussels and a homemade squid-ink pasta, highlighting the savory taste of Mediterranean delicacies.




Mini Bruschetta Selection / 280 baht

Freshly baked bread served with tomato, silky pâté, primavera, crab and avocado. A dish that freshens up your palate in the warm summer day.

Spaghetti alla Norma / Small 260 bath Large 340 baht

A great option for vegetarian diners, combining roasted aubergine with sweet and sour tomato sauce.  A truly tasty dish made from fresh vegetables!

Mushroom Pizza Porcini / 340 baht

The pizza is covered with a porcini mushroom sauce, roasted mushrooms, mozzarella, and a sprinkling of cracked black pepper. The taste of this countryside Italian dish will tantalize your taste buds.

Epic Chocolate Brownie / 240 baht

Sweet-smelling brownie topped with caramelized popcorn and a drizzling of chocolate sauce, a perfect combination when serving with amaretto ice cream. The creaminess and sweetness of this dish will leave a lasting impression in your heart.
Are you feeling hungry now? All creative recipes at Jamie’s Italian Siam Discovery are Italian classics with a local twist, highlighting the uniqueness and quality of Thai produce. The price is also highly affordable and even cheaper than in Taiwan. So, don’t hesitate to try it out if you are visiting Siam Discovery!




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Jamie Oliver brings Italian food

with a Thai Twist to Bangkok, with his new Restaurant, “Jamie’s Italian.”

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